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When we start learning how to build deep neural networks with Keras, the first method we use to input data is simply loading it into NumPy arrays. At some point, especially when working with images, the data is too large to fit in memory so we need an alternative to…

A librarian’s job is pretty hard so I am trying to use AI to simplify it! Source: pixabay

Many websites nowadays use at least some kind of recommendation system to guide their customers towards interesting products and make them buy more. The most advanced ones (like the ones used by Amazon, Netflix or Youtube) can be very complicated, but it is surprisingly simple to make a decent recommendation…

I am taking part in the NHL pool organized by the Canadian Blind Hockey Association.

Machine Learning

UPDATE: If you are curious, the season is now over and I finished 9th out of 119 participants, so the model performed impressively well! I will certainly try it next year too :)

With the new National Hockey League (NHL) season just around the corner, I received an unexpected invitation…

Based on images found on pixabay

At Décathlon Canada, one of the main tasks of the AI team is to extract meaningful information from images. In order to do so, we have spent a fair amount of time on building a solid pipeline to train image classification models with python, using Tensorflow. My colleague Samuel already…

Yan Gobeil

I am a data scientist at Décathlon Canada working on generating intelligence from sports images. I aim to learn as much as I can about AI and programming.

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